Identificación de competencias docentes que orienten el desarrollo de planes de formación dirigidos a profesorado universitario = Identification of teaching skills in the implementation of training plans for university teaching staff

This article present the project developed in 2011 by units and training centers from all public universities in Catalonia. The project is devised towards the quality improvement of the higher education system and of the activity undertaken by the faculty at the university. In order to achieve these objectives, it focuses on the identification of teaching skills, defined by the academic community through training programs specifically designed for this purpose. Taking the implementation of the European Higher Education as starting point, the project intends to analyze the skills considered to belong by nature to the teaching task, as well as to define the necessary procedures to acquire, develop and evaluate them through training. At the same time it seeks to identify models, strategies, tools and resources. To this identification process we will make the necessary bibliographical research, in which the criteria of teaching excellence will allow us to select a representative sample of teachers. The selection will be performed through a survey and its quality will be validated by experts. The primary objective of the project shown here is basically to contribute to the quality training of university teachers, allowing the acquisition, development and evaluation of the skills considered essential by the academic community, in order to properly undertake their professional tasks, defined as: interpersonal, methodology, communication, planning and management of teaching, teamwork and innovation ​
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