Rituales de interacción sexual entre hombres: una propuesta de análisis del discurso y de la práctica del sexo anónimo = Rituals of sexual interaction between men: a proposal for the analysis of discourse and practice of anonymous sex

In this paper I present an analysis about anonymous sex practices between men. My aim is to demostrate how this activity is response to the hostile social reality towards those who practice alternatives to acts of heterosexual and monogamy. To obtain the data presented I used participant observation and interview as my main technique, although the review of literature has also assisted the construction of the final proposal. To achieve this proposal, I perform an analysis of anonymous sex between men, viewed from the perspective as being a sexual interation ritual with rules and orders that each participant must know and adhere to in order to obtain the goal of the meet. This point of view allows us to understand and recognise the process of negociation and access to the sex from the principle of anonymity ​
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