Implantación de una Red de Innovación Docente para el Análisis y Mejora de la Evaluación de los Estudiantes en la Universidad de Girona

The present communication reflects the work realized by the Educational Innovation Network in Student Evaluation of the University of Girona (UdG). This working group consists of a heterogeneous group of lecturers from different university colleges. During the group activity the following stages have been developed: specific training in evaluation, analysis of the evaluation modalities made in the UdG, detailed analysis of the evaluation of each lecturer and coordinated modifications to innovate and to improve the student’s evaluation. The principal opposing difficulties are commented: dispersion of the existing information, the difficulty to coordinate the work with the rest of professors who teach the same subject and the great time dedication required to carry out the changes. Finally, there are gathered the conclusions for the work of the innovation network, where is outlined the importance of a previous training, the richness of points of view owing to the heterogeneity of the members and the usefulness of having software tools to channel the communication among the different members and to store the documentation ​
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