Un tratado inédito sobre la idea de nobleza atribuido a Francisco de Rades y Andrada

Dacosta Martínez, Arsenio
Mota Placencia, Carlos
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This article presents an edition and commentary of what appears to be the opening chapters of a treatise on the idea of nobility (and the definition of several concepts related to it) attributed to Francisco de Rades y Andrada, chronicler of the military orders. The text, written before 1599, is contained in a manuscript of the National Library of Spain in the company of several significant texts related to the genealogy and history of the Sarmiento family (that of the dedicatee of the treatise, don Diego Sarmiento de Acuña ) and Renaissance copies of two medieval texts quite relevant in the history of reflections on nobility in Spain: a) the Spanish translation of a famous speech by Alonso de Cartagena at the Council of Basel in 1434; b) the Spanish version by Charles, Prince of Viana, of De vera nobilitate (written by Buonaccorso da Montemagno ca. 1429, translated into Italian by Angelo Decembrio for Íñigo López de Mendoza, Marqués de Santillana). These, together with a list of Knights of Calatrava admitted to the order between 1535 and 1595, could be supplementary material for Rades’ Chronicle of the Military Orders (1572), and look very congenial with the activities and attitudes of Rades as historian: always faithful to legislation and medieval documents and contemptuous of the fantasies and philological and historical inaccuracies frequently found in Sixteenth- Century Spanish writers on the concept and implications of nobility ​
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