A vueltas con la inédita 'Piedra del parangón político'

Gagliardi, Donatella
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The third part of Ragguagli di Parnaso by Traiano Boccalini, a posthumous publication that was issued at the end of 1614 with the title Pietra del paragone politico, became in a few years an out-and-out European best-seller. However, it was not by chance that the book was never published in Spain, the country that had been the favourite target of Boccalini’s satires. Nonetheless, it aroused deep interest there, as attested by several Spanish versions, even if they had a manuscript and clandestine circulation in the 17th-18th century. Through a detailed study of the witnesses, this article defines for the first time all the surviving translations, and gives the background to the forthcoming publication of one of them ​
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