Nuevos datos acerca de los repertorios teatrales en el primer catálogo de 'El peregrino en su patria'

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This paper shows that the plays contained in the repertoire of the autores de comedias which appear in El peregrino en su patria (1604) are organised chronologically, although there are some nuances and exceptions. The article also expands the repertoire discovered by Thornton Wilder and sets the date of composition for some plays, paying special attention to lost texts such as La perdición de España, La gobernadora, La gran pintora, La bella gitana or La toma de Álora. Finally, this paper attempts to show in a practical way that a database such as the Diccionario biográfico de actores del teatro clásico español (DICAT) can be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with some of the philology’s classical problems in general and those of the theatre of the Golden Age in particular ​
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