Machabelo y Maquiavelo: la patraña XX de 'El patrañuelo' (1567), de Timoneda

Sánchez Jiménez, Antonio
Blanco, Emilio
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This paper examines the possibility that, when it comes to baptise the character of the patraña XX as Machabelo, Timoneda had in mind the Florentine writer Machiavelli. In order to do this, we first review the question about Timoneda and his sources, especially those of the patraña XX. After that, we will focus on the dissemination of Machiavelli’s Works in the Spanish Golden Age, as well as the graphic transcription of his name in other texts of that time, data which will be used to assess the possibility that the patraña Machabelo has something to do with Machiavelli. On the assumption that this relationship exists, we will analyse the consequences for the interpretation of the patraña and El patrañuelo in general, especially in relation to dissimulation and appearance ​
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