Imágenes políticas en la 'Selva' de Rebolledo

Ruiz Pérez, Pedro
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The didactic poem Selva militar y política (1652) by Count Rebolledo represents in his poetic trajectory and his literary career a generic lifting regarding their Ocios (1650); in this vital juncture it reflects its position in the service of Catholic Monarchy as a diplomat in northern Europe. With the metric runway of silva, the text brings together generic features of the treaty and the essay as significant close political works, as Empresas (1640) by Saavedra Fajardo and Emblemata (1653) by Solórzano Pereira. Also like them, Selva incorporates a number of epigrams and illustrations of historical theme (biblical and Greco-Roman) that work like emblems, picking synthetically teaching will, rhetoric effectiveness and base their political ideas between “tacitismo” and Christian policy ​
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