Juan de Molina, autor -y no traductor- del Vergel de Nuestra Señora

Arronis Llopis, Carme
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Juan de Molina, a main figure of the cultural Valencian scene in the Early Modern Age, is known especially for its Castilian translations of historical and edifying Latin works. But he also translated Catalan devotional texts into Castilian, such as the anonymous story of Gamaliel and la Vida de la sacratíssima Verge Maria of Miquel Peres —this one under the title of Vergel de Nuestra Señora—. Both translations have been scarcely studied, and both deserve some new explanations, especially regarding to Vergel, because despite Molina claims to be the translator of Peres’ text in the prologue, actually the resulting work is, as we will show, an original composition of the bachelor, which is quite far from the Valencian text ​
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