Risk perception and stages of smoking acquisition = Percepción de riesgo y etapas de iniciación en el consumo de tabaco

The purpose of this descriptive survey was to investigate the risk perceptions of smoking in a sample of 1,510 Spanish adolescents (49.1% males; mean age = 14.03; SD = 1.28). In addition, the present research categorised adolescents into one of the four stages of smoking acquisition, as described by the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TMC): Precontemplation (not thinking about trying smoking in the next 6 months), Contemplation (thinking about trying smoking in the next 6 months), Preparation (thinking about starting smoking in the next 30 days) and Action (smokers), by gender and age. The results showed that age and risk perceptions are important variables in the progression through the stages of change towards regular tobacco consumption (Action stage). These results clearly demonstrate the importance of starting antismoking campaigns at an early age to prevent smoking acquisition or the thought of starting in the near future. These findings also highlight the need to continuously remind adolescents about the negative consequences of smoking ​
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