La adaptación a la jubilación y sus fases: afectación de los niveles de satisfacción y duración del proceso adaptativo

This research attempted to describe, according to the model of Atchley (1975), the experience of the adaptive phases, the changes of life satisfaction levels and the duration of the process and its phases. A total of 30 retired people were interviewed in depth, representated their Life Chart Methodology-retrospective (LCM-r) on the life satisfaction levels and responded to the Life Satisfaction Index. The results show that even though the retirees did not all experience exactly the same adjustment processes, most of the stages were found. It is also noteworthy that during the adustment process large fluctuations were observed in the level of satisfaction experienced by the participants, but once they had adjusted to retirement their degree of satisfaction returned to levels similar to those reported before retirement. Substantial differences were also found with regards to the duration of the adjustment process, which fluctuated from six months to more than a year ​
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