La traducció del Càntic dels Càntics de Carles Riba

Carles Riba’s activity as a translator of Greek classics (Xenophon, Plutarch, Homer, Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus) and works of important authors who wrote in Latin (Virgil), English (Edgar A. Poe) and German (Rilke, Hölderlin) is well known and has been widely studied. In contrast, the great humanist’s translations of books of the Bible -Song of Songs and the Book of Ruth- from Hebrew to Catalan have never been the subject of a monographic study. This piece of work is an edition and a detailed analysis of his version of the Song of Solomon. The notes in the text point out the translator’s contributions and uncertainties in a work published at a pivotal time in the Catalan language’s history ​
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