Ricard Giralt i Casadesús, un noucentista transversal (1884-1970): arquitectura, urbanisme i municipi a la Catalunya del segle XX

The present thesis studies in depth a perspective of the noucentista movement focusing on the professional career of the architect Ricard Giralt Casadesús (1884-1970) and particularly on his urban design approach and social thought. Noucentisme as a movement takes place during the first decades of the 20th century, it is regarded as an aesthetic expression and political guideline within the context of the Mancomunitat de Catalunya, one hundred years ago. The conducted study results in a conception of the architect from multiple perspectives and, by extension, in a new dimension of the Noucentisme movement that extends beyond the period of the Mancomunitat from 1914 to 1924, and offers a new point of view immersed into the following historical period, until the end of the Franco dictatorship. The presented chronological, stylistic, territorial and ideological viewpoint contributes to the revision of the historical period during which the Catalonia of the 20th century was envisioned and that took the architecture and the local urbanism as a basis to modernize the country ​
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