EXiT*CBR.v2: Distributed case-based reasoning tool for medical prognosis

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In this work we propose a user-friendly medically oriented tool for prognosis development systems and experimentation under a case-based reasoning methodology. The tool enables health care collaboration practice to be mapped in cases where different doctors share their expertise, for example, or where medical committee composed of specialists from different fields work together to achieve a final prognosis. Each agent with a different piece of knowledge classifies the given cases through metrics designed for this purpose. Since multiple solutions for the same case are useless, agents collaborate among themselves in order to achieve a final decision through a coordinated schema. For this purpose, the tool provides a weighted voting schema and an evolutionary algorithm (genetic algorithm) to learn robust weights. Moreover, to test the experiments, the tool includes stratified cross-validation methods which take the collaborative environment into account. In this paper the different collaborative facilities offered by the tool are described. A sample usage of the tool is also provided ​
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