Riqueza y rareza de los insectos acuáticos de la laguna temporal de Espolla (Pla de l’Estany, Cataluña)

The richness and rarity of an insect community were analysed in a Mediterranean temporary pond located in NE of the Iberian Peninsula. The aquatic community was sampled weekly over 7 periods of flooding during y years (1996-1999). Distribution of rare species (with scarce presence at regional or peninsular levels, is detailed. The richness of the Espolla pond has been compared with that of other aquatic environments. The number of rare species of insects (8 taxa: 5 Corixidae, 1 Limnephilidae and 2 Chironomidae) and the insect richness (82 taxa) contrast with the traditional attribution of a low richness and rarity to the temporary aquatic environments ​
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