Cine sin autor como pedagogía crítica audiovisual: bases teóricas, antecedentes y postura crítica = Film without author as audiovisual critical pedagogy: theoretical bases and background

Sedeño Valdellós, Ana
Theoretical thinking on audiovisual production and its status must think about the modes of the belief in transparency of contemporary image representation. First of all, the paper attempts to summarize the precedents of the reflection about critical capacities of cinema and film image. This is the case of Deleuze, Giroux, Rancière or Didi-Huberman from philosophical and aesthetic aspects, and the practice of authors such as Roberto Rossellini and Peter Watkins. Secondly, this text describes the theoretical bases and collective positions of Cinema Without Author (CsA): political activism and a citizen empowerment framework combines with pedagogical purposes. Cinema without Author proposes a new way to subvert the classic models of social productivity ​
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