Inclusión educativa de colectivos desfavorecidos: educación y género: una mirada desde Argentina = Educational inclusion of disadvantatged groups. Education and gender. A glance from Argentina

Bas Peña, Encarnación
Barrón, Margarita
This work is part of the inter-university Cooperation Project “Inclusión educativa de colectivos desfavorecidos. Educación y género”, obtained in the “I Convocatoria de proyectos de Cooperación al Desarrollo UMU-CAJAMAR”. We collected the work of the National University of Córdoba (Faculty of Philosofy and Humanities. Argentina) and the Universty of Murcia (Spain). We analyzed compliance with Argentine’s laws about education and gender in CENMA schools, the perceptions of teachers and students on equality and gender violence, and the measures used to promote equality and prevent gender violence. The results show a lack of knowledge on Argentine laws regarding gender equality and prevention of gender violence, issues that have not been previously treated in these centers hence, the teachers need materials and training to integrate it continuously and systematically within the curriculum ​
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