Producciones metalúrgicas en el nordeste de la Península Ibérica durante el III milenio cal. AC: el taller de la Bauma del Serrat del Pont (Tortellà, Girona)

Molist i Montaña, Miquel
Montero, Ignacio
Planagumà, Llorenç
Saña Seguí, Maria
Toledo i Mur, Assumpció
We examine the third millennium cal. BC levels fro"' the small rockshelter of Bauma del Serrât del Pont. The site was settled by a small group, building a perishable structure except in the II. 5 level. Some evidence suggests a seasonal occupation of the site. Multidisciplinary research shows a broad spectrum of local resources involved in the dairy life of this people, including those related to metallurgical activity. We find very old tin alloys, plain or bell beaker decorated pot-furnaces (used to smelt copper ores) and clay tuyeres ​
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