Advances in fibre Bragg grating sensors for damage detection in composite laminates: application in quasi-static and fatigue delamination tests

Sans Canovas, Daniel
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The use of composite materials in industrial applications such as aeronautical, aerospace or wind energy production has greatly increased in recent decades. Due to their inherent properties, these materials allow lighter, larger and more resistant structures. However, the use of composite materials for components or structures with highly stringent requirements, is hampered by the lack of knowledge of their reliability. In this thesis, some fundamental aspects about the use of fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors for internal strain measurements in composite laminates are discussed. In addition, a highly accurate method for locating the crack tip position in mixed-mode delamination growth has been presented. Finally, an experimental application of FBGs to dynamic measurements in mode I fatigue test has been performed ​
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