Arnau de Montrodon y la catedral de San Carlomagno. Sobre la imagen y el culto al emperador carolingio en Gerona

In 1345, the unique worship of Saint Charlemagne was institutionalized in the cathedral of Gerona. The roots (and for many, the reasons) of this celebration are found in the existence of an old local legend, the well-known testimonies to which go back to the eleventh century. Nevertheless, a lengthy analysis of the facts that marked the life of the cathedral during the long permanence Amau de Montrodon had there—first in quality of canon (1297-1335) and later as bishop (1333-1348)- make it possible for us to verify that the promotion of the cult to San Charlemagne falls within a complex program of ideological and symbolic exaltation of the See of Girona that was designed by this notable and restlessly active ecclesiastic ​
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