Modelo de comportamiento en sevicio para estructuras reticulares de hormigón. Parte II: Diagrama tensión- deformación para elementos fisurados a flexión

This paper presents a general methodology to adjust the coefficients defining a constitutive law for tensioned concrete to simulate, under serviceability conditions, the behaviour of cracked concrete members subjected to simple and combined bending (with axial compressive forces). Although experimental results could be used to obtain the mentioned objective, in this work the models proposed by the CEB are utilized, in order to obtain more general conclusions not subjected to specific experiments. A numerical parametrical analysis is performed to determine the more significant variables influencing the Tension-Stiffening effect and simplified closed-form solution is derived for rectangular sections. A systematic study has been to verify the ability of the method to simulate long-term effects. The methodology can be implemented as an initial process in a general model of analysis like the one presented in Part I ​
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