Editor Web Arqueológico mediante WFS-T

Cardoso Santos, Juan Luís
Villafranca, M.
Santana, M.
This document presents an analysis and territorial management Web application applied to archaeological heritage of Navarre that meet the following business objectives: Feature overiew: Base Maps provided by the WMS and WFS of Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre (IDENA) (orthophoto, topographic and cadastral mapping, etc.); Creation of thematic maps with archaeological sites, so differentiating visually the degree of protection; Location of archeological sites, according to different alphanumeric criteria (reference cadastral municipality, protection and site name or code) and spatial criteria (by point, line and polygon with and without buffer) and reporting the results of the search; Different types of reports in HTML and PDF with basic information and status of the archeological site or finding; Edition of attributes and geometry for each site using the WFS-T service, and ability to add attachments; Tool for importing coordinates from a GPX or KML file and Download as image file (JPG) of the map displayed ​
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