Analytical strategies based on inductively coupled plasma sprectroscopy (ICP) and diffusive gradients in thin fims (DGT) techniques for the assessment of environmental pollution indicators

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In this thesis, simple methods to determine sulfide at low levels (µg L-1) in aqueous samples and sediments by water free hydrogen sulfide vapor generation using a commercially available vapor generation accessory have been developed. The hydrogen sulfide is then introduced in the ICP-QMS, equipped with an octopole collision/reaction cell which is vented with hydrogen and helium gases, or in the ICP-AES where the optical path between the plasma and the monochromator is purged with nitrogen. Moreover some studies have been conducted for the determination of arsenic by ICP-MS in natural waters with high sodium and chloride content. Spectral and non spectral interferences on arsenic measurement have been investigated and different experiments have been developed to solve such interferences (optimizations of the cell collision conditions, arithmetic corrections, introduction of small amounts of alcohol). Finally, the use of the DGT technique (diffusive gradients in thin films) has been evaluated in acidic samples and mining wastes for the firs time. ​
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