Metodologia de personalização de productos baseada em design centrado no utilizador. Methodology to design customized product based on user centered design

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This PHD is about design as a tool of interaction based in information systems, allowing not only to understand the relationship of design with the user, as also, based on User Centered Design, to create a methodology that solves real problems derived from its personal needs. In the case study, the work was based on People with Special Needs, which by their limitations spend much of their day sitting and consequently end up suffering from pressure ulcers. From the research methodology resulted an approach that in a first stage relates psychophysical data acquisition and processing derived from information systems, in an approximation to semiotics. In a second stage an application has been developed in LabView for the integration and processing of data relating to acquisition of user data and data regarding the characteristics of materials and prototyping processes. The result is a file that can be interpreted by CAD systems. The third and final phase, based on the interpretation of the data in the CAD system, allows exporting the information to a CAM system and consequently the production of a customized product through rapid manufacturing technology. The work developed resulted in an integrated system called "Core System" divided by modules that allows management of all information in real time regardless of the inputs of each of its sub-modules, allowing each of these changes to be reflected in the final result. The application is the result of research work that relates the different multidisciplinary areas, building, based on correlations and data validation by specialized technicians, information processing models. ​
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