Convex linear combination processes for compositions

Bacon Shone, John
Aitchison and Bacon-Shone (1999) considered convex linear combinations of compositions. In other words, they investigated compositions of compositions, where the mixing composition follows a logistic Normal distribution (or a perturbation process) and the compositions being mixed follow a logistic Normal distribution. In this paper, I investigate the extension to situations where the mixing composition varies with a number of dimensions. Examples would be where the mixing proportions vary with time or distance or a combination of the two. Practical situations include a river where the mixing proportions vary along the river, or across a lake and possibly with a time trend. This is illustrated with a dataset similar to that used in the Aitchison and Bacon-Shone paper, which looked at how pollution in a loch depended on the pollution in the three rivers that feed the loch. Here, I explicitly model the variation in the linear combination across the loch, assuming that the mean of the logistic Normal distribution depends on the river flows and relative distance from the source origins ​
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