Nodes relacionals en el model Second Life. Producció i singularitat

Serra Navarro, David
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The virtual worlds realms constitute a new space for exploration in which new forms of communication, production and consumption are generated. The presence of these platforms, based on social interaction, is becoming a focus of research for future social, educational and/or economic applications, but it is also a reflection in real time of an online cultural reality. In the diversity of the existing scenarios, the interest of this research is framed in the uniqueness of the Second Life metaverse. By means of a transverse perspective, in which the different conceptual nodes intersect, the principal sociocultural characteristics which nourish this virtual ecosystem have been selected. Meanwhile, a radius of symbolic and productive action by its users has been established, with the aim of defining and understanding its natural growth and of highlighting its specific features. Understanding this medium may lead us to consider new challenges and alternative virtual environments in a design which takes into account the cultural spectrum of the community that inhabits it. ​
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