Origen de la psique

Roca i Balasch, Josep
Text Complet
Equivalent to the question about the origin of life can raise the issue of the origin of the psyche. It is argued that Temporal Conditioning is presented as the most basic psychological phenomenon, showing the first ontogenetic adaptation of living organisms to the cycles of stimulation. Temporal Conditioning, in addition, shows the functional difference between life and psychic phenomena, the fundamental differences between biological and psychological studies, but also the natural character of both. The aim of this paper is to contribute to the debate on what is the origin of the psyche and when it begins as a new phenomenon that has its origins in life but is functionally different. This question is theoretically relevant for psychology, biology, and science in general because the answer will determine the organization of contents in the students‟ curricula and the teaching of psychological contents as being different from the biological and physical-chemical ones ​
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