Rendiment acadèmic, qualitat de l'ocupació i valoració de la formació universitària dels graduats en psicologia

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This study addresses the relationship between the academic performance of graduates in psychology, their professional status and the quality of their jobs three years after being awarded their university degree, as well as their evaluation of the competence-based education received at university. Data from 274 graduates who finished their courses in 2004 at one of the four Catalan public universities with a degree in Psychology are analyzed, statistical data and analysis of the six individual cases with the highest academic grades. Results show no differences in job quality in terms of graduates’ grades for those in qualified positions, but there are significant differences for graduates who perform unqualified jobs. Also, statistically significant differences were found in the evaluation of the education received at university between high and low academic-achievers. The individual analysis of work-placement paths of the highest achievers showed a wide variability in their occupational outcomes, although they all had achieved a graduate-level employment and, in five cases, the graduates’ specific job duties were related to their undergraduate studies ​
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