Ensenyança de la psicologia: la proposta del liceu psicològic

Roca i Balasch, Josep
There is not a paradigm in psychology with which we can justify and order the data and contents available nowadays. Rather we have three theoretical models: psychoanalysis, behaviorism and cognitivism that have not succeeded in becoming a paradigm for psychology. The theoretical proposal of the “Liceu Psicològic”, facing this situation, consists in defining Differential Psychology, Functional Psychology and the applications of both psychologies in the context of general science. Then, it is assumed that Functional Psychology is the nuclear and fundamental psychology and that the Theoretical Field Model is the best theoretical approach for it. The Field Model is conceived as a structure of causes and five causes are defined as necessary and sufficient for the explanatory purposes of psychology. Finally, it is argued that a Field Model, shared by other functional sciences, could signify for psychology to be recognized as a natural functional science ​
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