Ansietat dels estudiants davant el pràcticum, l': és necessari intervenir?

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This research intended to carry out an exploratory study in order to assess the anxiety perceived by students immediately before their practicum stage in external centers, the contribution of dysfunctional beliefs to students perception of stress and anxiety, the selfefficacy expectations to cope with perceived stressors, and the demand to faculty for specific education and training to cope with perceived stress. Results show moderate rates of anticipatory anxiety. The most stressful situations anticipated by students were suicide attempt by a client, physical attack, a client’s reporting his or her criminal activity, suicidal statements made by a client and a client’s expressing anger toward the student. Data also suggest that up to 44% of the variance of State-anxiety can be explained by dispositional anxiety and dysfunctional beliefs, and a negative relationship between the perceived stress and the selfefficacy expectations to cope with it. Students’ worries relate mainly to their ability to cope with the clients and the center’s demands and lack of adequate supervision from faculty and professionals ​
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