Student's watcher: comparison between ASP.NET and PHP+CSS

Pujolràs Riera, Xavier
"Student’s Watcher” is a small Web application which wants to show in a visual, simple and fast way, the evolution of the students. The main project table displays such things as marks and comments about students. We can add a comment for each mark to explain why this mark. The objective is to be able to know if some student has a problem, how is going his year, marks in other courses, or even, to know if he has a bad week in a different subjects. We can see the evolution of students in past years to do an objective comparison. It also allows inserting global comments of student, we have a list of these, and all professors can add new ones, where we can see more general valuations. “Student’s Watcher” was begun in, but finally my project would be developed in PHP, HTML and CSS. This project wants to be a comparison between two of most important languages used nowadays, ASPX and PHP ​
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