Guia per a la promoció de l'empoderament juvenil des de la comunitat

This guide is one of the outcomes of the HEBE Project, a research study on youth empowerment. The study involved the participation of researchers from four universities: the University of Girona (coordinator of the study), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). The guide is designed as a structured compilation of objectives and actions to guide us in building communities that enable the empowerment of young people. That is, communities that contribute to: “... increasing the possibilities for a person to make decisions about and consequently act on everything that affects their lives, to participate in decision-making and to be involved, in a shared and responsible way, in the collective they form part of. This requires two conditions: that the person acquires and develops a set of personal capabilities and that their environment enables them to effectively exercise these capabilities” (Soler, Trilla, Jiménez-Morales i Úcar, 2017, p. 22). This definition emphasises the idea of not solely attributing the responsibility for this process to the young person individually or to young people collectively. Therefore, this guide is aimed at administrations, services, programmes and projects whose objectives include promoting the empowerment of young people from the municipal public policy perspective. The guide is divided into five areas of action: community policies, socio-educational action, youth participation, spaces and facilities and professionals and community agents ​
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