Gastronomy tourism: A look at Benedictine monastic products in Europe

This research aims to scrutinize, from a tourist perspective, the enhancement of gastronomic offerings produced in Benedictine monasteries. The methodology is divided into two distinct phases. The initial phase entails an analysis of the web pages and the selection of monasteries that produce wine and gastronomic products, which totals 39 monasteries. Subsequently, interviews and question-and-answer forms were conducted at the selected monasteries, yielding a total of 13 responses. The monasteries that answered the questions also underwent a thorough examination of their daily operations, their online presence, the natural world, and their popular tourist spots. Among the many gastronomic products found are wine, liqueurs, beer, grappa, and cider, as well as food products such as olive oil, cheese, mustard, honey, and chocolate. In the majority of the monasteries examined, products are still being produced as a result of their monastic tradition and Benedictine lifestyle. The promotion and sale of these products serve as a source of revenue that is utilized for the upkeep, continuity, and preservation of the abbeys ​
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