El arrepentido: entre prueba y error

Richter, Anna
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the concept of the "Crown witness", which is also reflected in its inclusion—explicitly or implicitly—in different legal systems. Along with this, the discussions around this new tool of criminal investigation has increased, and one of the most recurrent questions is whether and how the implementation of the Crown witness in our legal systems can be justified. In particular, I am interested in two things. On the one hand, I will ry to sort and group or systematise the different positions of justification or rejection of the Crown witness and, on the other, I will search for ways to assess their convincing force. I hope that these tentative observations will be useful for a recurrent problem in the analysis of procedures and evi-dence: the risk of accepting or not accepting certain errors and their link with standards of proof ​
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