Motivaciones turísticas de los millennials y centennials de Taiwán: el caso de la ciudad de Taichung

Tourism is a phenomenon in constant growth at a global level. Taiwan, one of the Asian countries with the highest economic growth, has significantly increased the number of tourists in this century.Knowing the motivations of tourists is a fundamental variable for decision-making in this sector. The main objective of this study is the in-depth analysis of the motivations that induce Taiwan's millennials and centennials to travel. trying to determine and understand the tourism profile of Taiwanese youth by confronting it from a western approach. For this, a quantitative methodology has been used, through descriptive and inferential univariate and bivariate statistics, based on the results of a survey carried out among young people in the city of Taichung. Among the main results of the study stands out their great predilection for choosing destinations in Asia or Oceania or the high degree of importance they give to attractions or natural landscapes. It is concluded that the push and pull motivational factors analyzed in this study are important to understand Taiwanese young tourists' behaviour, but those are not conclusive enough to determine the differences between the tourist profiles of millennials and centennials ​
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