Analysis of the education and training of haute cuisine chefs: is there a common pattern?

This study examines the haute cuisine chefs' education and training in order to identify a common pattern of training. Specifically, this study investigates the education and training received during the careers of a sample of 60 Michelin-starred chefs in Catalonia, a Spanish region recognized for its gastronomy. To conduct the study, a qualitative methodology was adopted and a semi-structured questionnaire was used to interview the professionals. The results show that the studies in hospitality schools are important to cement the basis of knowledge, but internships and work expe- rience are also relevant ways to acquire explicit and tacit knowl- edge to succeed in this sector. These findings have allowed the identification of three different clusters of haute cuisine chefs also considering age and experience. This paper contributes to the research by analyzing the education of a group of professionals and identifying a common pattern of training in a growing sector that contributes significantly to national economies ​
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