Gestión del conocimiento en la co-creación de material educativo con y para estudiantes con altas capacidades

The development of any process handles data. These data are generated from information that in turn generates knowledge. The ideal is that this knowledge provides the process with added value that allows it to improve, take advantage of what it has and reuse it in future processes framed of what has been learned. Knowledge can be generated with the development of activities and dynamics, extracting it from documents or emails and from the knowledge that people have. In the case of this research, Knowledge Management allows the creation of educational material, in the context of High Abilities students, and whose purpose is to support and encourage co-creation participants, especially these students, co-creating an educational material according to their characteristics. The co-creation of educational material involves processes that are repeated and in which, to facilitate its development, it is important to guide, communicate, interact and collaborate among the participants. In this case, the participants are High Abilities students, their teachers and their parents. Therefore, it is important not only to consider what is related to the process, but also the knowledge that both teachers and parents have about students and their academic process, along with the knowledge the process has about students, such as their personal characteristics. High Abilities Students are those who have different abilities at a higher level than the average for people of their age, to perform in different fields. Despite this advantage, they may have various problems such as difficulty relating socially, lack of understanding for their way of thinking or not being taken into account in the development of different activities of their interest, which leads to demotivation about their educational process in general. From this, the objective is that Knowledge Management in a co-creation process helps to minimize the consequences of these problems, thus improving the motivation of these students in their academic process. The identified problem is that there is no technological framework that allows Knowledge Management for co-creation processes with High Abilities students and that also uses the implicit knowledge that the participants in the process have (students, teachers and parents) and the characteristics of the students ​
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