Factors facilitadors per un envelliment saludable al domicili: revisió bibliogràfica

Carbó Casadellà, Maria
Introduction: Aging is a sociodemographic thing that is reaching heightened rates. In actuality, the model of healthy aging proposed by the OMS is the most relevant since it gives a positive insight to an older person. Most older people prefer to age in their homes instead of in an institution. For this reason, the OMS published a paper destined for cities that could make their cities more infrastructurally friendly. Nevertheless, men and women age in different manners and have other preferences when aging at home. Due to the decade of healthy aging (2021-2030), services and programs have been made to promote a better way of healthy aging. Objectives: Knowing the factors associated with healthy aging at home and the elements that facilitated it. Study the difference in genres and the factors associated with facilitating healthy aging at home.Identify the programs for advertising a healthier way of aging at home. Identify the intervention from nurses for the advertisement of healthy aging. Study the perspective of the genre from the articles that have been analyzed. Metododolgy:The bibliography has been revised using Web of Science and Scopus from January to March of 2023. 17 articles have been selected from the criteria of inclusion and exclusion established in this revision ​
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