Transparència, control i participació = Transparencia, control y participación = Transparency, control and participation

Reflection on the role of the School and, specifically, of the artistic discipline of design in a society where truths become constructed lies, disinformation, and post-truths, is very much part of ESDAP’s educational project. Although the work of human beings is becoming easier, people are losing social rights in the face of robots/machines, the privacy landscape is changing, and control is gaining a greater role. We are committed to observing, testing, and constructing new methodologies and educational methods for conveying knowledge as part of a reflection of a new learning ecology. The third volume of The Yellow Line [La línia groga] is a new bookcatalogue that bears witness to and recounts the activities organised by ESDAP Catalonia for the Barcelona Design Week 2019 [BDW] at which different points of view were dealt with concerning the artistic discipline of design in a context of “Transparency, control, and participation”. Debates, conversations, presentations, and a fashion show took place at a conference at which to share. BDW 2019 is one of the best stages for showcasing the work done by the different agents involved in a training institution like ESDAP Catalonia (ESDAP Catalonia management team) ​
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