Aurora Bertrana et 'Le 19 juillet: quelques tableaux de la guerre d'Espagne': La découverte de l'exotisme dans la Barcelone révolutionnaire

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This article presents a singular typescrit by the Catalan writer Aurora Bertrana (1892-1974) entitled 'Le 19 juillet: quelques tableaux de la guerre d’Espagne'. Singular because it is her first known text written in French before her articles in exile in Suisse contemporaine and La Semaine Littéraire (1942-1945) and her french version of 'Paradisos oceànics: Fenua Tahiti' (1943), but above all, because the author deploys the resources of travel literature, which she masters to perfection, to carry out a particular comparative exercise which aims to give a nuanced vision of the complexity represented by the outbreak of the social revolution in Barcelona during the first months of the civil war ​
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