Synthesis and applications of large supramolecular nanocapsules: matryoshka-type masks, higher fullerene C84 purification and stabilization of metallic clusters and sub-nanoparticles

Ubasart Clarà, Ernest
The development of supramolecular assemblies with big cavities is important to recognize specific guests or infer a chemo- or regioselective chemistry, in analogy to natural enzymes. The objective of this thesis was to design, synthesize and characterize new 3D supramolecular nanocapsules bearing large cavities to use them in different applications. Four new self-assembled nanocapsules were developed by self-assembly of Zn-TCPP with pTp or ppp (diarylalkyne- or terphenyl-based) macrocyclic ligands complexed with Pd or Cu, which lead to two different cavity sizes depending on the selected ligand. Then, host-guest studies for each nanocapsule were performed with different guests including fullerene-C60, the C60⸦[10]CPP complex, higher fullerenes and the azafullerene-(C59N)2. Furthermore, the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles was investigated in the presence of supramolecular nanocapsules ​
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