Moda de lujo, contenidos de marca y metaverso: el caso de Gucci y la generación Z

Plaza-Chica, Sofía
The luxury fashion sector is marked by generation Z’s entry into its market. These young-sters are redefining the industry, demanding brands’ contribution to society. One of the leading firms in this sector is Gucci, whose communication strategy is an example of reorientation towards this new target. This article aims at analyzing the conncetion between Gucci’s recent branded content and Generation Z’s consumer preferences by nvestigating, among other contents, Gucci’s advergaming actions in the metaverse. Through a quantitative/qual - itative analysis with a sample of twelve cases, Gucci is studied from person, product, orga- nization and symbol perspectives, following Aarker’s (2002) brand identity model and Car- cavilla & Aguirre (2022) proposal. The results illustrate the connection of these four aspects present in Gucci’s brand content with Generation Z values such as diversity and innovation. The brand targets the Gen Z consumer in its communication through brand ambassadors, collaborations with other brands and metaverse platforms. Gucci has been able to adapt to the changing environment of the current luxury fashion sector, responding to the concerns of a new audience profile and betting on digital and innovation ​
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