Developing a brand identity: Bocatas Case

This application project starts with the aim to give a small business the tools needed to develop a new brand. To achieve this, the main objective is to define a new brand identity for an already existing business that wants to expand its limits. The business is called Bocatas, a small burger spot at Tossa de Mar that is looking into opening new locations outside Spanish borders. The main objective is to fulfill the owners’ requirements for the new identity, that included: corporative philosophy, with mission, vision and values; brand descriptive elements, with descriptor, slogan and attributes; a target audience; and a full visual identity with logo, typography, colour palette and some examples of packaging. To achieve the objective, the author used both interviews with the owners, and a content analysis of their Google My Business Reviews and Instagram posts. With this data on hand, the process was to discuss base ideas or concepts already existing on the brand and compare them to their communication (Instagram) and the customers point of view (Google My Business) in order to develop the final elements that were to form the brand’s identity. Finally, those elements were compiled in a document called “Brand Book”. By making a Brand Book, the author stablished basic guidelines for the use of the new brand identity, which will allow the future applications to be consistent and aligned, while helping both owners and employees to keep in mind what identifies their business and what is important to convey in their daily interactions with customers ​
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