Atenció a persones en situació de sensellarisme amb patologia crònica: coordinació de serveis socials i sanitaris

Alfranca Pardillos, Rebeca
People experiencing homelessness are at higher risk of mental pathology, addiction and infectious diseases. Consequently, there is an increase in the presentation of chronic organic pathologies and cognitive deterioration and a high mortality rate at an early age.The complexity of these patients makes multidisciplinary care and coordination between the different professionals necessary, and they are a challenge for the social and health services that care for them.With the aim of describing the experience of joint work between the social and health services of Girona in the care of homeless patients, a description is given of the functions and services of the reception centre La Sopa describes what the first visit to the Primary Care Centre should be like, as well as the minimum data to be collected in terms of anamnesis and examination. Preliminary data from the evaluation of the project to create a weekly nursing consultation in the reception centre and the clinical profile of the users attended to are also presented.After more than a year of implementation of the nursing consultation, as preliminary results, we find that the assessment of the users and professionals of the reception centre is very good. Users show an improvement in the control and monitoring of chronic pathologies and a decrease in the frequency of emergency visits. Trust and the bond between the user and the health professional is favoured.Homeless patients with chronic pathologies are vulnerable and highly dependent patients who require more resources than are currently available, and it is necessary to continue working and allocating resources to their monitoring and control ​
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