Audiovisuales para la apropiación social de la ciencia: factores de cultura extrínseca que inciden en su consumo = Audiovisuals for the social appropriation of science: extrinsic culture factors that influence its consumption

Mena-Young, Margoth
This study aimed to analyze some of the factors of intrinsic scientific culture in a population that uses social networks, in order to provoke reflections on why these factors should be considered when planning the production and distribution of science audiovisuals, especially in social networks. The qualitative sample consisted of 182 people through voluntary participation, and the responses were collected with a digital questionnaire in August and September 2021. The study variables were information habits, multiple activity and use of devices, and the percentages of trust in different sources. As main results, although people declare a lot of interest in science, this does not translate into an active search for information and less in participation in activities. 91.5% of the interviewed group declared simultaneous activity when they consume science audiovisuals on social networks and trust rewards public universities and international organizations and eludes religious leaders and family members ​
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