El proceso de internalización de un cuerpo ideal y sus desafíos debido a la presión sociodigital = The process of internalization of an ideal body and its challenges due to socio-digital pressure

Grande-López, Víctor
More and more, tweens and teens are concerned about the image they project on the Internet. From the field of educommunication, as a vehicle for transmitting knowledge through the media, it is intended to analyze three films about virtual relationships through adolescents, to raise awareness about the risks that may arise in this interaction. For this, reference is made to the methodological procedure used for a film, from the theories about the filmic narrative and the semiotics of the story. Where it is taken into account: the risks that exist on the Internet as a plot axis in stories, their com-municative intention and the value they contribute from their transversal lines. A person is free to do what they want with their body and show their intimacies through the Internet, but it is necessary to know that there are risks in said virtual exposure, and one of them are cybercriminals who need to obtain sexual content from minors, in order to then sell them to platforms with high demand for pedophiles and pederasty ​
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