Polémicas en los inicios del Quattrocento: los Diálogos a Pier Paolo Vergerio de Leonardo Bruni como manifiesto del humanismo

Perino, Alejo
Leonardo Bruni writes the Dialogues to Pier Paolo Vergerio in the early 15th century. The text initiates a long tradition of dialogues written by humanists during that century and the next. The reason for his success lies in the incorporation of some controversial topics that Bruni uses to renew the program of humanism and distancehimself from the generation of Petrarch and Salutati. The purpose of this article is to analyze these topics to understand the degree of inno-vation of the Bruni, Niccoli and Bracciolini generation around the relationship between clas-sicism and Christianity on the one hand and the figure of the wise on the other ​
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