Hibridismo y amores como autodefensa:la “Epístola de Amarilis a Belardo” y la afilada respuesta de Lope

Díez, J. Ignacio
After the analysis of some textual issues of the epistle-canción of a supposed Peruvian poetess to Lope de Vega (gender and meter regarding the epistolary series in Spain, besides the dis-positio of the poem in Lope’s collection of epistles in La Filomena), Lope’s very elaborate re-sponse —against a relative critical oblivion—is studied in detail. The double and well-organ-ised biographical projection plus the hybridism of the Amarilis poem allow to insert both texts into a clear system of personal propaganda or of a self-defence. The different factors that are evaluated cast very serious doubts on the accepted authorship of the Amarlis poem ​
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