L'immagine della marchesa: Bernardo Tasso e la raffigurazione di Vittoria Colonna nel "Libro secondo degli Amori"

Magalhães, Anderson
The Image of the Marquise: Bernardo Tasso and the Representation of Vittoria Colonna in the «Libro secondo degli Amori».The research focuses on Tasso’s stay at the court of Vittoria Colonna at the Aragonese Castle of Ischia, a period in which he wrote numerous encomiastic poems on her behalf, which were included in the «Libro secondo degli Amori», printed in Venice in 1534. This paper aims to demonstrate the instrumental character and the related political and social implications of these compositions in terms of the depiction of the image of the Marquise of Pescara during the years of her painful widowhood in Ischia. From this point of view, the research will also try to shed light on literary models and intertextual references that can be found in Tasso’s compositions. Ultimately, the paper will proceed to examine the letters that Tasso adressed to Vittoria Colonna, which –integrated with information inferred from the Rime– allow the contemporary scholar to grasp some of the courtly conventions of the time and to reconsider the consolidated tendency on the part of the critics to frame the relationship between the noblewoman and the poet in the context of an alleged literary cenacle ​
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