Teoría y práctica de la guerra: Francisco de Pedrosa y un episodio sobre la toma de África

Federici, Marco
Theory and practice of war: Francisco de Pedrosa and an episode about the conquest of Africa.The Arte y suplimento Re militar by Francisco de Pedrosa (Naples, 1541) is a less studied book, that belongs to the genre of the ars militaris. The article aims to offer new informa-tions on this important book starting from its important iconographic apparatus: it has several affinities with the work of Roberto Valturio. In addition, the essay is concentrated in the analysis of the significant artifice of the galleys bridge; it is a ruse that García de Toledo used in the conquest of the Tunisian city Al-Mahdiyya (1550), maybe inspired by classical military literature, explained by Valturio and Pedrosa; it was adapted to the scenic requirements of the monarchy and above all to the war needs of the battle ​
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